Author's Instructions

Instructions for papers in main, poster, and demo sessions

These instructions are only for authors of the papers accepted to the main, poster and demo sessions of the EACL-06 conference. Authors of papers for workshops are asked to consult the web pages of their respective events.


To publish your paper in the EACL-06 proceedings, you need to transfer copyright to EACL. If we don't receive the copyright transfer we will not be able to include your paper in the proceedings. Send us the copyright transfer form as soon as possible. Instructions for copyright transfer are available here.

Poster and Demo sessions

Authors preparing the final versions of demo and poster session papers should follow the instructions for main session papers, except that the length limit is 4 pages instead of 8 pages. Also, papers must be submitted electronically to a different site (see below).

Formatting guidelines

The final version of papers for the main conference proceedings should follow the two-column EACL formatting guidelines, and should by no means exceed eight (8) pages, including references. Page size must be A4 (please read carefully the formatting guidelines on this point). Authors are strongly encouraged to use the LaTeX Style files or Microsoft Word equivalents below. The formatting instructions for the proceedings version are the same as those for the submission version. You can find them detailed in the example documents below.


Microsoft Word

Important: remember A4 size! The style files above will produce A4-formatted text, but if you use conversion programs, you may need to specify A4 again. For example, if you use latex to produce a DVI file and then dvips to produce a PS file, do not forget to specify option -ta4 in the dvips command. Command ps2pdf maintains the right format and does not require an option. Before submitting the file electronically, please print out the file and make sure it is A4 format.

PDF and PS format

The final versions of the papers must be delivered in both PDF and PS format. The authors are responsible for ensuring that the suitable fonts are included when necessary in preparing the PDF file. (This typically happens automatically when using ps2pdf; when using Distiller, you need to choose the appropriate options.) Make sure that your PDF/PS is correct, printing it from your computer, and ANOTHER computer and printer different from yours.If you are unable to produce PDF and/or postscript versions of your paper, please contact the publication chairs as soon as possible.

Electronic submission

Submission is electronic.
  • If you are submitting a main session paper go to this site and follow instructions there.
  • If you are submitting a poster or demo session paper go to this other site.
Do not email us the files.


Papers must be submitted electronically no later than February, 6th, 2006 . The deadline is 8 pm (20.00 hours), CET. This is 7 pm (19.00 hours) GMT and 2 pm (14.00 hours) EST.

Please note that we are working on a short time-line and the papers will need to be sent to the publisher soon after receipt. In order to guarantee that your paper is included in the final proceedings, we ask that you take care to ensure that the paper is received by the deadline.

Double check

Before uploading the final version of the paper, double check at least

  • number of pages (not more than 8)
  • paper format (A4, and not Letter, Legal or any other)
  • text body font (Times-Roman 11 pt)
  • both PDF and PS formats prints correctly
  • and ... send us the form for copyright transfer!


Any enquiries regarding the submission of files should be addressed to Sergio Balari Ravera (concatenate "Sergi.Balari", at sign, ""). Please include your paper id-code in the Subject line of your message.